On-Site Fire Command Workshops

Empower your fire department with our bespoke 1-3 day workshops, designed to train incident commanders and firefighters right at your facility. Our certified staff bring hands-on, expert training directly to you, enhancing skills and leadership on the front lines.

MAYDAY Management

2-Day Workshop & CE Event

Our two-day, simulation-driven Mayday Management workshop equips you with the strategies necessary to handle the most critical fireground emergencies.

Division Operations

Reinforced Command

Our two-day Reinforced Command Operations workshop at your facility sharpens your skills in managing critical fireground operations, emphasizing the pivotal role of division supervisors for enhanced decision-making and efficiency.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Application & Utilization of Effective Tactics

Enhance fireground leadership with our Critical Thinking and Strategic Decision-Making class, designed to strengthen incident command through the Functions of Command and foster safer, more effective decision-making processes for fire service professionals.

Big Box

with NFSA President Shane Ray

Dive into the evolving challenge of Big Box fires with our two-day workshop, focusing on unique strategies, fire protection systems, and hands-on simulations to prepare fire service professionals for these massive structures.

SAFE-T Train-the-Trainer (TtT)

Size Up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics

Enhance firefighting tactics with the SAFE-T Train-the-Trainer Workshop, a comprehensive course on modern fire dynamics featuring live-fire props, vital safety techniques, and the latest in firefighting technology over two intensive days.