SAFE-T Workshop

Size Up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics

SAFE-T Train-the-Trainer Workshop

Expand Your Knowledge of Modern Fire Dynamics

The SAFE-T (Size-Up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics) train-the-trainer (TtT) curriculum offers a dynamic, live-fire training prop, allowing you to deepen your understanding of today's fireground and achieve safer more effective outcomes.

This class provides an exceptional learning platform, including the following topics:

  • Fire science & modern fire dynamics
  • Fire's impact on PPE & equipment
  • Customer survivability & firefighter tenability
  • Smoke characteristics and behavior and behavior
  • 360-degree size-ups
  • Identifying & mananging flow paths
  • Extinguishment & water-application technqiues
  • Thermal imaging camera (TIC) usage to include TIC size up

SAFE-T's prop allows instructors to demonstrate each program's learning objectives within a compact, recognizable environment. Most important, they allow students to engage physically with the curriculum, reinforcing lessons learned in the classroom.

Two-Day SAFE-T Fire Behavior Class: ($9,500) Package 15 instructors:
  • One wood-burning fire-behavior prop (includes shipping and handling). Specs: Highly portable unit divided into three SO-pound sections including center hallway attachment for 1st floor: 1st floor with burn room, movable doors, and partitions; 2nd floor with movable partitions and windows; and peaked attic/roof assembly with movable roof and floor partition. Easy to clean and simple to maintain.
  • Two Blue Card SAFE-T instructors for two days
  • All training material and instructor guides (8-hour PowerPoint with instructor notes).
  • Advantages: OSB fuels generate smoke, allowing instruction in smoke characteristics and behavior.
  • This is an ideal class for those seeking TIC instruction.

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