Critical Thinking & Decision Making

Application & Utilization of Effective Tactics

Blue Card - Ciritical Thinking and Strategic Decision Making

One of the greatest challenges for initial or strategic level incident commanders is the application of sound decision making and the utilization of effective tactics in leading the fireground. This is done most effectively when the incident commander has a strong understanding of the command system, fire behavior, building construction, life safety, and complete clarity on the operational capabilities and capacities of fire companies. This is a very difficult position.

Blue Card clearly defines the most effective and consistent incident command process through the Functions of Command. As a linear process, this provides a framework of incident command for any hazard from beginning to end. To better connect the work and tactics on the fireground, the IC, Division Bosses, and Company Officers must have a critical thinking process to connect the strategic level considerations to the work. It must be a clear expectation, effectively trained upon, monitored on the fireground, and processed for accountability. It becomes the foundation for all training and decision making in the hazard zone.

The Blue Card Critical Thinking and Strategic Decision Making class has been designed to reinforce the Functions of Command as well as develop trainable and repeatable decision making on the fireground that ultimately diminishes the chance for serious injury or LODD from firefighters working in offensive positions during defensive conditions. It is based on effective incident command principles, the effective application of modern fire service research, and a transparent standard decision making process.

We would like to thank the Wilmington, North Carolina Fire Department for reaching to the team at Blue Card with a request to assist them with better connecting the incident command process to the work. The following is the feedback provided about this training that we delivered to all promoted and move-up officers in the Wilmington Fire Department.

What Fire Departments Across the US are Saying About Our On-site Blue Card Workshops:

"The Critical Thinking and the Strategic Decision Making Model class was nothing short of transformative, and I recommend it to anyone seeking to sharpen their decision-making skills and cultivate a more analytical mindset. One of the standout features of the course was how the instructors guided us through a structured decision-making model that explained complex issues, helping us break them down into manageable components. This approach was instrumental in developing our ability to make well-informed decisions, especially in high-pressure situations."

"The class fostered a collaborative and engaging learning environment. The group discussions and case studies provided valuable insights from diverse perspectives, which enriched our understanding of the subject matter. This interactive aspect of the course encouraged critical thinking not only in isolation but within a team dynamic, which is essential for success in today's fire service."

"The Critical Thinking and the Strategic Decision Making Model class exceeded my expectations in every way. It is a must for anyone looking to enhance their critical thinking abilities and become a more effective decision-maker. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended this class, and I endorse it to anyone seeking to sharpen their strategic thinking skills."

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