Division Operations Workshop

Reinforced Command

Reinforced Incident Command Operations

No one said being an Incident Commander (IC) was going to be easy. Isolated in the command post trying to gain control of the seemingly uncontrollable. Radio traffic reverberates inside car while visuals create a sense that this incident is not cooperating. You have exceeded your span of control and you need help. Now what do you do?

Consider the following:

  • Accidental success is not success
  • How to we maintain our span of control
  • Personnel inside the IDLH cannot full fill the Tactical supervisors job duties

Hire our team to host a two-day Reinforced Command Operations workshop, on-site at your facility. We will focus on the role of the Division Supervisors and the importance of building an effective incident organization. Deploying a "walking boss" will decentralize command by delegating geographic responsibility to a chief officer capable of addressing the tactical objectives within the division while focusing on keeping the hazard zone workers safe. Lots of discussions and plenty of simulations for those interested in improving this critical aspect of fireground operations.

  • Review of Division Supervisor Job description
  • Review of Embedded Safety with the Division Supervisor
  • Review of Tactical Accountability and moving passports
  • Review of Tactical Air Management
  • We will exercise the Tactical Supervisor and Support/Safety officer position in multiple building types

Interested in Hosting a Blue Card Training or Educational Workshop, On-site at your Fire Department?