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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Renewals

Where do I find my online access expiration date and how do I renew my account?

If you have an online training account, log in and go to your dashboard. Click on Student Transcripts and scroll down to Student License. Under the Student License, it will display the students license expiration date indicated by the "from" and "to" date. To renew, a student can should contact their department training officer or blue card instructor as the department may be renewing all students through a bundled invoice. Otherwise, for an individual subscription renewal click here.

When does my IC Expiration Expire?

Keep in mind your IC Certification is separate from your online training access expiration date. Your IC Certification is a 3 Year Certification and expires 3 years from the date you completed the 3 day simulation lab. Your IC Certification expiration date can be found on your dashboard indicated on the IC Certification tile. On the IC Certification tile there will be a date that says "valid to xx/xx/xxxx".

I am not getting my password reset email

Your email will be sent to the email on file, your log in email/user name. This is sent by the system instantaneously. Check your spam folder. If the email needs to be changed then you must contact Jenn or Brandi at 1-855-872-5822 or use the online request here.


Where can I find upcoming IC certification classes

IC Certification classes are held at Certified Training Centers (CTC). The certification events can be found here. Keep in mind your department may offer private cert events not listed publicly and you would check with your departments Blue Card Instructor.

My IC certification is about to expire, what do I need to do?

After the student has successfully passed the evaluation lab and has obtained their IC certification, their certification will be valid for a 3-year period from the date that the sim evaluation process was completed. At the end of the 3 year certification period, the student must have the following to maintain their Blue
Card IC certification for another 3 year certification period:
  1. 36 hours of documented CE on the Blue Card RMS system
  2. All IC simulation/live event evaluations done for both IC roles for all 5 building types documented on the Blue Card RMS system
  3. 90 to 0 days prior to expiration, complete a 5 hour online refresher module on the 8 Functions of Command
  4. 90 to 0 days prior to expiration, pass a 40 question multiple choice test on the 8 Functions of Command

The student’s dashboard will display their progress in the certification and re-certification process every time they log into the training program. If a student has the first 2 items completed in the list above 90 days prior to their expiration date, item #3 (a 5 hour online refresher module on the 8 Functions of Command) will become available to the student via their dashboard. Once the student has completed their 5 hour refresher module, a 40 question multiple choice test on the 8 Functions of Command will immediately become available to the student via the dashboard. The student will have 3 attempts to pass the 40 question multiple choice test with a minimum score of 70%.

Once the student has successfully passed the recertification exam, their IC certification will be valid for another 3 year period. The student’s dashboard will reset and the same 3 year CE, evaluation, and testing requirements will begin again.

The RMS system will allow an automatic 30 day extension period to a student’s recertification period for all certified IC’s who are about to expire.

What is non-IC mode?

Non-IC Mode is a mode that your account can enter, that tells the system you aren’t going to become IC certified. This turns off all system resets of your account based on training completion and certification achievement, to allow you access to your content (training, and CE) without the certification time constraints. Note: if you exit Non-IC mode all your training will be reset. To make a change to your IC mode, login, access your profile from the link upper right and click on user profile.

My account reset, and I was signed up for an IC cert class

You must complete an IC cert class before your 1 year completion of the online program date and or before your IC expiration date. If a student is unable to attend a class before that date, please discuss this with your Blue Card Instructor and or Training Officer. The Blue Card office can only allow extension for military and or medical leave.

My account reset, and I attended a class

If your account reset and you attended an IC Certification class and or Re-Certification class, please contact the Instructor of that class to make sure your information and evaluations were input into the system correctly. If all information was entered in a timely matter and the class was closed and finalized, please contact Brandi at the Blue Card office 855-872-5822.

Train the Trainers

How to register for a Train the Trainer (TtT)

Login to your account / go to the Blue Card Events tab / scroll to the 5 Day Train the Trainer Course - Phoenix, AZ session that you want to attend / check the number of seats that are open on the far right side / click on the View button on the left side / read the information listed / click on the Register button at the bottom / select your Purchase Option / complete the form / click on the Purchase button.

Transportation & Hotel

All attendees are responsible to pay for their own lodging and transportation expenses. The hotel room rate is a government rate, includes breakfast and is located within walking distance (across the street) of the Blue Card CTC. An email with specific details will be sent to you once you have registered for the class.

Cancellation Policy

If a student cancels their registration to a training session more than 45 days prior to the start of class, they may:
  1. receive a full refund
  2. apply their paid fee to a future class, or
  3. transfer their registration to another student

If a student cancels their registration to a training session less than 45 days prior to the start of class, the student will receive a $3,500 refund (this refund can be transferred to a future class fee of $4,500).

A student who has not yet paid their class fee and cancels their registration less than 45 days prior to the start of class, will be invoiced for a cancellation fee of $1,000.

This cancellation policy is necessary due to the short notice and therefore, does not allow Blue Card sufficient time to fill the vacancy.

Please contact us at or call toll free: 1.855.872.5822.

Technical Support

I cannot hear movie audio

Recent changes by Safari and Chrome web browsers prevent auto play of video media/sound because some advertising web sites abuse the capability.

If you are experiencing audio problems on videos you may manually turn up the volume on an affected video.

However, depending on your browser, you may be able to permanently allow Blue Card to auto-play videos with sound.

For Safari:
  • Click on the web browser menu, Safari -> Settings for This Website...
  • Click the dropdown next to "Auto-Play"
  • Choose "Allow All Auto-Play"
For Chrome:
  • Chrome has rolled back a recent activation of this feature as of 25 July 18. It is planned to come back on line in the future.

How can I clear my browser cache?

Logging out, clearing your browser's cache and logging back in is the a common solution when a video or audio segment is not playing completely or failing to mark as complete. The steps to clear your browser cache differs if you are in Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or other browsers. This third party web site has detailed instructions for a number of browsers: Clear Cache

I cannot play radio messages

For learners taking the eight functions of command, module 5 communications makes use of radio message activities. These radio messages are "mp3" audio files and the most common cause for failure to play is a department firewall configuration which blocks mp3 files. Blocking mp3 files was commonplace several years ago because malware and napster created file shares with music files. Please confirm with your IT team if mp3 files are being blocked on your network.

My videos are just black in Chrome

In your Chrome browser, type or paste the following in your URL bar:

Locate "Hardware-accelerated video decode" and turn it off.

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