Program Overview

Setting up your own Command Training Center

The Blue Card training and certification program is not facility driven, it is driven by the curriculum and qualified instructors. All that is required are 6 to 8 computers (work stations, laptops, or iPads) a set of radios, a projector with a computer, and a white board. Blue Card exclusively uses the simulation software program Fire Studio, produced by Digital Combustion, to build and run our simulations. You must have this software in order to run and use the simulations we provide. For current pricing and the computer specs needed to run the Fire Studio, please visit them at: .

Here is an example of the step by step process on how the program is generally implemented into a local fire department or region:

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    Identify the individuals in your department/region who will become the command trainers. These individuals should have a very strong operations background. Shift Commanders, Battalion Chiefs, Training Officers and Safety Officers are all well suited to this task.

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    Put these individuals through the Blue Card online training program. After they successfully complete the 40 to 50 hour online training program, they are qualified to enter into a 5 day TtT session.

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    Instructors are encouraged to enroll in a 3 day certification lab prior to entering into a TtT course, although it is not required.

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    Enroll in a 5 day TtT course at the Brunacini events page. The first 3 days of the TtT session, all students will go through a 3 day simulation check off (even if they have already been previously certified). Once the IC check off has been successfully completed, over the last 2 days, students will get much more detailed lesson plans and instruction on the 5 basic occupancy/building types, tactical level operations, command team operations, and mayday operations. There will also be an in depth look at the online Instructor/administrative, student tracking, and certification tools.

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    After completing the TtT program, instructors and the individuals responsible for managing the operations division(s) in their fire department or region should have a series of meetings to determine what (if any) changes need to be made to the curriculum and/or their own department's operations manual before the certification program is presented to the rest of the department (Blue Card provides SOP's and other training materials that streamlines and makes the implementation process much less time intensive).

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    All members that are identified as needing the certification will need to be put on the Blue Card online training program. This portion of the program represents completing the necessary cognitive requirements of the standard.

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    After your members successfully complete the online training program they are ready to go through your department's sim lab. The evaluation portion of the IC certification process should be tailored to your department's local topography, resource levels, and SOPs. The simulation lab can be done "academy" style using a 3-day sim lab, or using other schedules that works for your department. This portion of the program represents completing the necessary manipulative/hands on evaluation portion of the standard.

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    Instructors must use the online Instructor tools to manage their students online progress, evaluation process, and the students three (3) year re-certification process.