Program Overview

Continue Education Program

CE Module Section

In order to support the continued education and recertification process, Blue Card provides 4 Continuing Education (CE) Modules with every one (1) year online subscription.

The Blue Card CE modules provide the student with excellent strategic and tactical information on the program's 5 building types. All of the Blue Card CE's coincide with associated Instructor training packages that make it easy for the Instructor to coordinate monthly/quarterly classroom sessions that support the recently viewed online training material.

Once a student has completed their 8 Functions of Command online training modules, there will be two (2) CE modules that are immediately available to the student for the remainder of their first one (1) year subscription. If a student does not renew their subscription at the end of their 365 day subscription period, they will have NO more access to any on-line training material, even if they did not complete all of their available CE modules.

CE Module - Residential Part 1

A student who has renewed their subscription, will receive access to the library of CE modules during their subscription period.

Instructors have the ability to prioritize the CE modules their students view

Certified Instructors have the option to designate what CE modules their students have access to and what order they are to be made available to them. During the 365 day renewal period, a new CE module will become available to the student every 90 days.

The Blue Card IC Standard calls for 12 hours of continuing education annually [36 total CE hours in order to re-certify at the end of the 3 year IC certification period] along with being evaluated in each of the Command positions for each of the 5 standard building types at least once in the 3 year certification period. The RMS system will help an Instructor or administrator track:

  • The total number of CE hours for the 3 year period
  • Blue Card CE module progress
  • Strategic and Tactical CE Events attended (created in the Event Manager)
  • Simulation evaluation and tracking grid