Program Overview

Blue Card Records Management System (RMS)

The IC RMS tools provide an excellent resource that allows the department Instructors and/or group administrator(s) the ability to manage their students IC certification and 3 year re-certification process. The RMS Instructor tools allow a department to track and manage:
  • Subscription status
  • Online module completion progress
  • Online testing progress
  • IC Certification evaluations
  • Event Management
  • Event Rosters
  • 3 year C.E. and Re-Cert process
  • Blue Card CTC management tools

Department rosters give Instructors the ability to quickly scroll through their online Blue Card students. The individual student ribbons provide the Instructor with a condensed summary of the students’ progress in the system that includes:

  • Functions of Command module progress
  • Overall testing average through the modules
  • Completion status
  • Certification status
  • CE hour status

Clicking on a student’s ribbon will open the "Student’s Profile". The profile shows the Instructor detailed information on all of the command and tactical training and testing that has been logged into the system. The student profile provides the Instructor with detailed information on:

  • Command Function module progress and scoring
  • Continuing education module progress
  • Department events attended
  • IC performance assessments
  • IC certification status

The Event Manager and Event Roster area of the Instructor tools is where the Instructor will create, schedule, and populate IC certification sessions and classroom CE training sessions that support the Command Certification, the Continuing Education, and Recertification processes of the members assigned to your department. These events can also be pushed live to your CTC event list, so members outside of your department can sign up and attend your IC Certifications and/or CE training sessions.

Instructors can be given Admin rights to other department rosters in their area/region. This allows a mutual aid region to mix and match both students and Instructors in the region into mixed member training sessions. This truly makes the Blue Card system interoperable (NIMS term).

Student Simulation Tracking Matrix

The Event Roster RMS section will give an instructor a view of all the department’s scheduled command training class rosters. Each Event created will have its own corresponding roster that you will populate from your Instructor and student lists.

The Event Rosters allow an Instructor to certify a group of students "real time" using an iPad (1 iPad is provided to all US Instructors). The system allows you to open up a student’s simulation record from the Event Roster, where you can quickly evaluate a student’s performance right after the simulation has been completed.

All comments and completed simulation eval forms become a permanent part of the student’s training record. They provide the Instructor the necessary documentation for any future inquiries into the student’s past training record and performance.

Simulation/Live Event - IC Eval form