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You get 1 full year of the following:
  • Over 50 hours of comprehensive, state of the art, highly interactive, simulation based, online training on the standard 8 Functions of Command delivered by the Author's of the program; Alan, Nick and John Brunacini (along with several other renowned presenters)
  • The Blue Card on-line training program fulfils the cognitive requirements of the IFSAC - Hazard Zone Incident Command Standard For NIMS Type 4 & 5 Incidents (accredited in Minnesota)
  • Full access to all training modules
  • Fire Command 2nd Edition, E-Textbook (IFSAC Standard reference Textbook)
  • Command Safety, E-Textbook (IFSAC Standard reference Textbook)
  • Fire Command 2nd Edition, PDF-Workbook
  • 2 - 3+ hour modules (from the date of online activation)
  • Subscribers MUST complete the Blue Card on-line training program prior to getting access to the CE modules
You get 1 full year of the following:
  • The CE program includes full access to all Continuing Education Courses, more than 80 hours of training! All of the CE's continue to build on, provide exercises, and reinforce Fire Command's - 8 Functions of Command
  • Continued access to Blue Card modules
  • Continued access to E-Textbooks
  • All CE's are tied into the Instructors Support Packages
  • Instructors will get 1 year of access to all of the Student's training, certification and re-certification records using the Blue Card Records Management System
  • Full Blue Card office support
  • The student will have no on-line access to any Blue Card training material
The Command Overview Module provides other personnel who do not fill a hazard zone management role/position a detailed overview and a basic working knowledge of a NIMS Type 4 & 5 Hazard Zone Incident Command System.

This online program will give Firefighters, Drivers/Pump operators, dispatchers and EMS personnel a general working knowledge of the command system being implemented and used in your department. It will also give junior members of your department a good look at the type of training their officers are involved in and what's to come in their future.
  • All TtT students must successfully complete the on-line training program prior attending a TtT session
  • Five - 8 hour days of instruction by Certified, Blue Card Lead Instructors
  • First three (3) days of the session the student will be certified as a Blue Card IC
  • The last two (2) days of the session will focus on:
  • Instruction and detailed lesson plans on the 5 basic occupancy/building types
  • Instruction and detailed lesson plans on Tactical and Embedded Safety Operations
  • Instruction and detailed lesson plans on Command Team Operations
  • Detailed lesson plans and instruction on Mayday Operations
  • Certification management, RMS tools overview, and system delivery
  • 32 gig iPad
  • Command Functions Review and Communications Overview PowerPoint and Instructors Guides
  • Residential, Multi-Unit Residential, Strip Mall, Commercial, and Big Box Tactical Template PowerPoint's and Instructors Guides
  • Over 30 - Residential, Multi-Unit Residential, Strip Mall, Commercial, and Big Box Simulations. All with Incident Review PowerPoint's and Instructors Guides (20 simulations total)
  • 16 MP4 video package that includes; Fire Command Video Series, Critical Factors Video Series, Managing Mayday Video Series; On-Deck, Recycle, 3 Deep, and SDG Operations MP4 videos
  • Continued access to all Blue Card online modules
  • Continued access to all E-Textbooks
  • Access to all available Quarterly CE modules
  • CE's are also tie into and correlate with the Instructors Training Packages & BSHIFTER Magazine
  • Access to the Blue Card Instructors Download Center
  • Administrative rights. This allows Instructors to monitor all of their members' progress on the on-line training program and CE modules. This is a state of the art, RMS that helps the instructor with student tracking and certification, and re-certification that includes many features to assist an Instructor in coordinating dept wide Blue Card training.
  • At least 1 - Full blown simulation with several tactical positions. Included are the Instructor Simulation Overviews and the classroom Simulation PowerPoint Reviews
  • Updates to previous training materials
  • Task, Tactical, and Strategic Level training packages
  • Videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more...
All Blue Card Instructors are also invited to the Blue Card semi-annual Instructors support meetings and the Phoenix, AZ 2 day Instructor CE's (all free, you just have to get there). The semi-annual Instructor support meetings will be held during the Annual Brunacini Hazard Zone Conference in Sept./Oct. at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and in the Indianapolis, IN area during FDIC week. The focus of the Instructor meetings will be to review the Instructors material sent out the previous 6 months, to get program input from all Instructors and it will also give all the Instructors a chance to network, coordinate and trade ideas.
After the 1 year subscription has ended, Blue Card certified Instructors have the option to continue subscribing to the Blue Card Instructor Support Program. The Instructor will continue to receive all of the year's previous services outlined above.

For a single department that has more than one instructor and the Dept. wants to have all their instructors continue their subscription and admin services, the license(s) fees will be:
  • $1,000.00 per instructor up to 4 instructors
  • $0.00 each for any remaining department Instructors
  • No Instructor outside of the department renewing can be included in the department's renewal process (there will be no exceptions to this rule)

For any Blue Card Assistance
Please contact Jen at:
Toll Free (855) 872-5822