Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

Blue Card Command Training Program

Welcome to the Blue Card S.O.P. download page.

One of the things that helps protect us from the Incident’s critical factors is the Command system and S.O.P.’s that we use to manage our hazard zone operations. They must be trained on and applied the same way, for every incident we respond to. When we operate within our S.O.P.’s, we can effectively manage the Incident’s critical factors while protecting our members who are operating at the scene of a hazard zone.

The Blue Card S.O.P.’s are based on and directly reflect Fire Command’s eight (8) Functions of Command and the Blue Card Hazard Zone Incident Commander training and certification program.

The Blue Card S.O.P.’s will be revised and updated every six (6) months. The S.O.P. review committee will consider all comments, suggestions, additions, or adjustments sent to the committee. Please send your comments on the S.O.P.’s to:

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