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B Shifter, Volume 12, Issue 3, The Good Dog

Hey, who’s the Good Boy? We are! This issue of B Shifter is a firefighter’s best friend. 


  • Safety is our No. 1 priority. Learn why risk management is a crucial element of situation evaluation in Nick Brunacini’s Risk Management CE.
  • In Can Historical Data Predict Future Maydays, Part II, we examine information from Project Mayday’s statistics for volunteer departments.
  • How well do you work with neighboring departments? In Joint Training for Synergy & Success, Graham (Wash.) Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief Matt Black shares how his department improved relationships with aid departments through joint fireground operations training.
  • Introducing new behavioral health columnist Leah Belsches, PSY.D. In “I Miss You, I Love You, Get Out of My Room!” we learn why kids and teens might not behave like perfect angels when you come home after a long shift.



  • Jaded, bitter members can contaminate the entire department. Read about why some firefighters get grumpy & learn ways to turn that frown upside down in Dear Chiefs—What’s with the Attitude?
  • Good news! You can still use Blue Card after retirement. In The Retired Guy, Brian Smith explains how utilizing Blue Card’s Communication Model can make you a much better communicator.
  • Johnny Peters to the rescue. In The 360—The Shreds of Indignity, our resident sage shares his two cents on one-ply.  
  • Access to several hours of CE credit!

Enjoy this edition of B Shifter! See you next time.

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B Shifter, Volume 12, Issue 2—The Robot

Our beloved robot (aka Big Poppa) returns to grace our cover with his rugged good looks. Unlike Dorothy’s pitiful Tin Man, our silvery champion has plenty of heart and abundant wisdom.

This edition's highlights>>

  • There is only one incident deployment method that makes sense. Read about it in A Deployment Model to Rule Them All.
  • Understanding past maydays can help us avoid similar events. In Can Historical Data Predict Future Maydays, we examine information from Project Mayday’s most recent statistics for career departments.
  • The smallest decisions can affect firefighter safety and incident outcomes. In BALE OUT, a Blue Card instructor details the challenges he faced during a cotton-bale warehouse fire.


  • Is a local government official doing everything they can to deny your requests & kill your dreams? Read Dear Chiefs—How to Make Friends of Council Foes.
  • After retirement, many firefighters feel lost. Learn how to regroup and stay connected with Brian Smith’s The Retired Guy—Where Do You Belong? 
  • In The 360—The Beauty of Backups, Johnny Peters extols the virtue and foresight of a solid Plan B.
  • Answers to your most frequent Blue Card questions in Blue Card FAQs. Bonus: Does Blue Card certification meet the minimum requirements for NFPA 1026?
  • Access to several hours of CE credit

Tune in to our frequency, B-shifters. We hope you find our latest issue informative and entertaining.

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B Shifter, Volume 12, Issue 1—The Betta Fish

B Shifter’s Betta issue delivers an iridescent spectrum of must-read content. 


This edition's highlights>>

  • A famed fairytale protagonist helps us match conditions to a “just right” command team in Goldilocks & the 3 Incident Organizations.
  • Learn how recent fire-service research comes together on the street in Put Science to the Test.
  • Set attainable leadership goals & become a better person in the process with the 8 Functions of Authenticity.


  • What do bees and B-shifters have in common? A whole lot. Learn what beekeeping can teach us about leadership, management and life in Brian Smith’s The Retired Guy—Let Bees Be Bees. 
  • At odds with your city HR department when it comes to firefighter discipline? Read Dear Chiefs: Inhumane Resources. Bonus: Why we should be visible within our communities.
  • New! Answers to your most frequent Blue Card questions in Blue Card FAQs. Bonus: Is Blue Card NIMS compliant?
  • Dawn of a New Dispatcher: Blue Card’s Dispatch Certification Program launches March 1.
  • Access to several hours of CE credit

Dive in and enjoy our Betta variant, readers. No mask required.

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B Shifter Volume 11, Issue 2—AVB CTC

Welcome home, B Shifters. This issue’s cover celebrates a beloved beast of burden: the newly completed Alan V. Brunacini Command Training Center (aka, the College of Knowledge). The 15,000 square-foot clubhouse will serve as a hub for trainer classes, Blue Card meetings and other joyful gatherings. A photo spread on pg. 41 offers a glimpse of the building’s colorful design (inside and out). This issue's key features:

  • Develop a realistic understanding of fire department staffing & NFPA 1710/1720 in Deployments Big & Small.
  • Learn how to apply recent fire-service research to on-scene decision-making in Taking Science to the Seat.
  • Create powerful AARs with local dispatch tapes in Powerful Lessons from Local History.


  • New column: Whether you’re retiring next week or 10 years from now, don’t miss Brian Smith’s insights in The Retired Guy. 
  • Learn ways to peacefully coexist with station antagonists in How to Pacify an Agitator. 
  • Are you grappling with mutual/auto aid issues? Check out Dear Chiefs: Don’t Agree to Disagree.
  • Chief Vincent Dunn describes FDNY riot response, circa 1970 in Regards, Vin.
  • Access to several hours of CE credit
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B Shifter Volume 11, Issue 1, The Water Buffalo

Just one buffalo. A solo stampede. But it’s more than enough to shake things up…

B Shifter’s beefy Water Buffalo issue boasts 72 pages packed with incomparable fire-service wisdom. This edition includes more than 5 hours of CE content, making our beautiful bovid both educational and entertaining. 

  • Brush up on the proper use and care of turnouts and other PPE in Don to See a New Day.
  • Elevate your understanding of command positioning in Location is Everything.
  • Analyzing Coordinated Attacks reaffirms why fire control is our No. 1 tactical priority.


There’s more!

  • New column: Check out priceless vintage pics of Chief Vincent Dunn and read about his first fire in Regards, Vin
  • Learn how to derail chronic complainers in Negativity: The Stealth Contagion
  • See progress pics of Blue Card’s new Phoenix CTC. The Alan V. Brunacini College of Knowledge is weeks away from completion.   

Fun fact: The water buffalo’s scientific name is Bubalus bubalis.


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B Shifter, Volume 10, Issue 1, The Toad

It’s an amphibious invasion, B Shifters. There’s a toad in your inbox!

In this issue:

  1. UL FSRI’s latest research further supports Blue Card’s stance on the tactical priorities. In Part 1 of Analyzing Coordinated Attacks, Jeffrey L. King breaks down the science that proves fire control should be our No. 1 tactical priority. 
  2. It’s an undeniable truth that parents across the land have learned to embrace: Vans are cool. They are comfortable, spacious and can haul a whole lot of humans and their gear. In Making the Case for a Slick New Ride, Gunther von Seltmann explains why departments should consider using full-size vans as BC vehicles.
  3. Our emotional wellness sage Tim L. Dietz, MA, LPC, offers practical advice and much-needed wisdom to help us endure our current pandemic in How to Prep for a Mental Marathon.


  • Learn to use behavior profiles to support and encourage your employees in Josh Blum’s Giving Feedback without Static.
  • Take a breath before you ditch your current department for greener pastures. Murphy Arsenaux’s That’s It, I Quit can help you put your work environment in better perspective.
  • Earn college credit for Blue Card certification. Read about it in Blue Card Goes to College.

Fun fact: Toads have no teeth, but frogs have minor upper teeth. However, each swallows its food whole and has no way to actually chew. 



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B Shifter, Volume 9, Issue 3, The Otter

There otter be a law against weak, archaic, ego-based leadership, and this issue of B Shifter is doing its part to banish disfunctional bosses from the fire-service landscape.

In Master of Fools, Chief Terry Garrison describes the kind and straightforward way to mange the truly knuckeleaded among us.

Tim Dietz, MA, LPC, exlpains the two primary ways fire chiefs create stress, and he offers easy solutions to these problems.

In Correcting Ineffective Leadership, Nick Brunacini uses real-world anecdotes to illustrate non-punitive ways leaders can change unwanted behaviors.

You won't want to miss this episode of B Shifter! Enjoy, dear readers!

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B Shifter, Volume 9, Issue 2, The Penguin

B Shifter's Penguin Issue is making a splash with an impressive collection of leadership content aimed at making you a better-prepared boss. 

  • Brian Smith explains the benefits of balancing one's stronger & benevolent sides in The Benevolent Dictator.
  • In A Nice Approach to Employee Evaluations, Nick Brunacini describes a fair & reasonable way to approach employee reviews. 
  • Our new company officer columnist Adam Jackson discusses the power & payoff of mentoring company members in Be the Coach You Wish You Had.
  • Although it sometimes gets a bad rap, Josh Blum explores how behavioral profiling can help fire departments select the best employees in Hiring by the Numbers.
  • John Vance takes the sting out of meetings & workgroups with nine practical tips in Better Meetings for a Brighter Future.



Johnny Peters sets us straight on the do's & don'ts of fire-station design.

Tim Dietz, MA, LPC, explains how training can prevent future emotional strife.

Murphy Arsenaux offers sage advice on bringing up young firefighters in your organization.

Terry Garrison & John Vance, our resident fire chief/advice columnists, help a reader manage station visits.

Vincent Dunn describes the dangers that exist in renovated buildings.


Fun fact: A group of penguins is called a waddle, colony or a rookery on land. A group of penguins floating on the sea is called a raft.

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B Shifter, Volume 9, Issue 1, The Stag

Hello, Readers!

The Stag issue of B Shifter is on point, with several must-read articles that will make you a stronger responder, leader and spouse.

• In Calculating Risks in Violent Hazard Zones, Chris Stewart discusses what fire departments must keep in mind when responding to violent incident scenes. A savvy, objective approach using tried-and-tested size-up techniques can help keep respomders safe.

• Tim Dietz, MA, LCP, explains how the traits that makes us great firefighters can make for no-so-stellar spouses. His article, Build Strong Firefighter Unions, offers four solid tips to improve your personal relationships.

• It’s not just what we do, but how we do it, that creates a highly functional and well-regarded fire department. In The Rules of First-Class Service, Nick Brunacini outlines how an organization's rules must address the personal behavior and customer-service aspects of service delivery.


  • Chiefs Terry Garrison and John Vance help you navigate social-media challenges.
  • Johnny Peters defends the term “nothing showing” as a call for further investigation.


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B Shifter, Volume 8, Issue 3, The Sheep

Our final issue of 2018 tips its hat to leadership, management and the seldom-considered but vital aspects of hiring, herding and growing a strong team.

Nick Brunacini explores the specific traits that one should look for when hiring new recruits. Hint: There's more to it than physical strength.

Tim Dietz, B Shifter's master of mental health and emotional intelligence, shares a 7-step plan for offering gentle-yet-firm feedback to those who need it. 

Some people won't respond to the softer approach, and they keep pushing buttons just for the joy of pushing. Ashley Losch shares her experiences as a new supervisor dealing with team members who won’t respond to reason.

Terry Garrison and John Vance respond to a reader question regarding a large metro fire department’s usage of overtime. 

Also in this issue: Jeff Griffin describes how support from his fire-department brethren, family and friends helped him stay the sobriety course in prison. His message of hope, redemption and  tenacity will inspire anyone you reads it.

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B Shifter, Volume 8, Issue 2, Pegasus

It’s shiny! It’s bright! It’s ready to take flight! B Shifter’s pretty pet pegasus is here! (And with teeth that straight, you know it’s an A-Shifter.)

• Read retired Phoenix Firefighter Jeff Griffin's gripping story of addiction, loss and redemption in "From Hero to Zero."

• Learn how to make continuous positive changes in your department in Brian Smith's, "Be a Heretic."

• Blue Card introduces a long-awaited and much-needed Personnel Management System.


—A new captain learns the ins and outs of managing his friends.

—Tackle bad attitudes—your own and others—with gratitude and perspective.

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B Shifter, Volume 8, Issue 1, Dragonfly

This issue's cover features a glorious dragonfly. The dragonfly's unique vision encompasses almost every angle, except for directly behind them. This nifty trick would certainly come in handy for first-arriving officers conducting a 360. 

In this issue, we launch a new leadership column by Murphy Arsenaux III. This column will address the things fire-service bosses can do personally and professionally to become better leaders. This quarter, Murphy addresses how doing a personal 360 can spark positive professional change.

Nick Brunacini discusses the upcoming release of "Fire Command, 3rd edition." The new version of this fire-service scripture better aligns with the principles and methods presented in the Blue Card Program.

Struggling to achieve better work-life balance? Having a hard time shifting gears between work and home? Check out Tim Dietz's feature for some inspired insight.

Also in this issue: Dan Madrzykowski and Vincent Dunn share their thoughts on working above basement fires. 

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Alan V. Brunacini Tribute Issue

Bruno Forever.

2017 ended on a sour note, but sweet memories of our Chief, leader, mentor, friend, father, husband and granddad remain.  This special issue of B Shifter contains more than 20 tribute articles from those closest to Bruno, plus countless pictures of our Chief through the years.

From the Brunacini, Blue Card & B Shifter families: Thank you for all your support and love. It has meant the world to us during this rough time.


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B Shifter Volume 7, Issue 3, The Chameleon

B Shifter’s multicolored Chameleon issue makes a decisive statement: Change is good, and it is wise to adapt to shifting environments.

In this quarter, we introduce two new columns:

In “Fire Science,”  fire-industry sage and tactical heavy-hitter Vincent Dunn teams up with renowned fire-protection engineer Dan Madrzykowski to discuss how the latest research should influence our tactical priorities.

“Dear Chief” allows readers to ask our resident leadership wizards for advice on pretty much any personnel topic for all circumstances on scene and in station. This issue’s installment titled, “I Want to Kill Him,” should resonate with many of you. 

Also in this issue:

•Houston Fire Department’s Johnny Peters shares his at-home, on-scene and in-station experiences following that bully of a hurricane, Harvey.

•Eugene Springfield (Ore.) Fire Department’s Brian Smith discusses the value of being a Stoic Leader.

•Yukon (Okla.) Fire Department’s Kyle Trumbly offers 4 tips to help your Blue Card department ace its state NIMS compliance inspection.

•Nick Brunacini talks cancer, CAFS & Class A foam.

•In “Anger Interrupted,” Tim Dietz offers advice on dealing with agitated customers.

It’s a colorful issue, B Shifters, perfect for our ever-changing fire service. Enjoy!

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B Shifter Volume 7, Issue 2 The Honey Badger

• NFSA President Shane Ray discusses command strategies for sprinklered buildings.

• B Shifter's resident science wizard explains how nozzle type, movement & spray pattern affect air entrainment.

• Beth Gallup with the Kent (Wash.) Fire Department shares her department's strategies for reducing toxic exposures before, during and after structure fires.

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B Shifter Volume 7, Issue 1 The Wolf


Bark at the moon, B Shifters! The Wolf issue is here & it promises more bite, less bark.

• Learn more about flow paths in Dan Madrzykowski's second installment of Wind & Fire.

• Discover ways to apply Blue Card's principles to hand-on drills in Kyle Trumbly's 5 Ways to Incorporate Blue Card into Hands-On Training.

• Our critical factors are changing, so our tactics must change too. Read Nick Brunacini’s thoughts on the subject in The Clarity of Critical Factors.

Plus much more!



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B Shifter Volume 6, Issue 3 The Beaver

Chew on this, B Shifters. The Beaver issue is full of tasty insights that will make your hazard-zone operations safer and more effective.

In Blue Card: Unstructured, author Greg Childress describes how his department utilizes Blue Card beyond structure fires. Learn how Blue Card’s principles can help improve a wide range of responses, from wildland fires to technical rescues to EMS calls.

Authors Daniel Dawe and Nick Brunacini tackle the importance of span of control and warm-zone bosses in Hazard-Zone Hierarchy and Shit Can Roll Up Hill.

Dan Madrzykowski is back with more fire-science info. He uses simple language to explain ventilation-limited fire environments. (Thanks, Dan!). Part 1 of a 2-part series.

Also in this issue: Be well, a new behavioral health and wellness column by one of B Shifter’s favorite speakers and authors, Tim Dietz, MA, LPC. 

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B Shifter 2016 CTC Guide

A heady compilation of B Shifter's best command-training content.

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B Shifter Volume 6, Issue 2

It’s Africa hot, B Shifters! There’s no better beast to herald summer’s scorching heat than the husky, thick-skinned rhino.

In this issue…

UL’s Dan Madrzykowski takes a look back at the Cherry Road Fire and discusses how live-fire tests support certain tactics at similar fires.

Blue Card Instructor Chuck Kahler’s Incident Review details his department’s response to an unsuspected grow-house fire.

On-scene exposure to toxins can have dire consequences. Read how saunas can lead to better health in Sweat It Out.

What does your helmet mean to you? Beloved B Shifter columnist and all-around intriguing human Johnny Peters shares his thoughts on traditional vs. modern head protection in The Feathers Serve a Function.

Plus! Learn the story behind Blue Card’s hometown command training center. 

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B Shifter Giraffe Volume 6, Issue 1

Get ready to achieve new heights, B Shifters. The Giraffe Issue is here!

• Take a trip to Louisiana in Blue Card on the Bayou. Boyd Westbrook, chief of operations for the St. George Fire Department, describes how and why his department adopted the Blue Card program. 

• Take a deep breath and embrace both NIMS & Blue Card. In The Blue Card-NIMS Interface, Nick Brunacini explains the synergistic relationship between these two incident-management systems.

• In Deviant Behavior, safety columnist Daniel Dawe explains why shortcuts are a bad idea.

All this and more, B Shifters! Thanks for reading.

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2016 Blue Card Hazard Zone Conference Edition
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B Shifter Lion Volume 5, Issue 5

Happy Holidays, B Shifters. Our gift to you? The proud & regal Lion issue. Check it out:

• Read Vincent Dunn’s timely column about fires in churches, mosques and synagogues.

• Does Blue Card really improve incident command? Kristan Maurer, a BC with Clark County Fire District 6 in Vancouver, Wash., discusses how fire agencies in her area evaluated Blue Card’s effectiveness. 

•  Don’t miss this issue’s Drilldown. Written by Pat Dale and Nick Brunacini, this article explains why Passports are just one part of the accountability equation.

• Do your training methods make people sleepy? Read Kyle Trumbly’s article for tools and techniques that can liven your tired training.

Plus! Nick Brunacini’s now almost-famous Oh Christmas Tree holiday tale.

It’s the Lion issue, B Shifters. Here us roar!

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2015 Blue Card Hazard Zone Conference Edition
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Now is the time to attain tactical perfection and complete command enlightenment, B Shifters. Let our happy little Buddha show you the way.

In this edition…

Read about organizational and personal resiliency in Tim Dietz’s article Bend or Break?

Are you a young or new company officer? Are the more seasoned members of the crew giving you a hard time? Check out Dave Haag’s article The Old Man & the C.O. for some sage advice.

Life Safety. Hazard control. Property conservation. Are the old-school tactical priorities appropriate for today’s fires? Read Nick Brunacini’s refreshing perspective in his article Shifting Priorities.

All this wisdom in one little online quarterly? Buddha provides.

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B Shifter Volume 5, Issue 2—The Sloth

Time to take it slow & steady, B Shifters. The Sloth Issue leisurely awaits your attention.

Big Al describes the fire chief’s role in supporting their department’s incident-command program. Learn how to be present & supportive without getting in the way.

Dr. Brian Crandell delivers Part 2 of his series on Street-Smart Training. In this installment, Brian discusses the importance of feedback, revision & a positive attitude. 

Chief Vincent Dunn discusses those nasty, quick-moving fires in lightweight wood-truss buildings.

Plus! We introduce two new authors—David Haag & Daniel Dawe—and a new safety column!

Who knew a sloth could fit so much in one issue?

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2014 Blue Card Hazard Zone Conference Edition
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B Shifter Volume 5, Issue 1 The Owl

Keep Calm and Take Command, B Shifters. The wisdom-packed Owl Issue is here! 

•Read Eddie Buchanan's article on SLICE-RS, a much-talked-about approach to tactical goals.

•Take a tip or two from Pop in Chris Gustafson's article, Leadership Advice from Dear Ol' Dad.

•Dr. Brian Crandell's article, Street-Smart Training, challenges readers to adopt new training methods that align with how firefighters learn AND match how they work in the real world.

Plus! Download a free PowerPoint safety primer.

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Autumn 2014, Volume 4, Issue 4

Answer the call, B Shifters! The Mermaid issue of B Shifter beckons...

  • Get out of the street! In his article, From Street to CV, John B. Tippett Jr. shares how the Charleston (S.C.) Fire Department transitioned from street-based incident command to command-vehicle hazard-zone management.
  • Mother Knows Best about lots of things—even being a company officer. Read Chris Gustafson's feature that explains why mom is a better CO than you are.
  • Check out Promotional Rescue by Mark Burdick and Chris DeChant to learn how the Glendale (Ariz.) Fire Department improved its training & evaluation model while saving money.
  • Get more out of training by utilizing deliberate practice techniques. In Perfect Practice Makes Perfect, Ted Nee describes deliberate practice and explains how to incorporate it into Blue Card training.
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Summer 2014, Volume 4, Issue 3

Grin and bear it, B Shifters. The Summer 2014 issue is here!

  • In You’re a New BC. Now What, Brian Smith shares survival tips for newly promoted battalion chiefs.
  • Sound Solutions describes how a Washington State department solved on-scene communications problems. Author Eric Tomlinson shares tips on incorporating these types of changes in your department.
  • In The Bad Side of Good Traditions, Demond Simmons, a company officer with the Oakland (Calif.) Fire Department, discusses the ways fire-service culture can encourage risky behavior.

Plus! Check out our new column, Trial By Fire, where B Shifter’s gadget guru tests and reviews the latest gear. And don’t miss the free PowerPoint download on choosing the correct strategy.

Note: Some downloads might not function on tablets. For optimum viewing and interactivity, we recommend Good Reader or other PDF viewing apps.

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Spring 2014, Volume 4, Issue 2

Hello, B Shifters! Slay dragons and save the townsfolk! The spring issue of B Shifter has arrived.

  • Bruno explains that what you say and how you say it can alter the incident scene in The Power of Words.
  • William Burns discusses the importance of situation awareness in Command Overload.
  • In Structural Components, Vincent Dunn lists the top 10 most important things to know about fires in two-and-a-half story buildings.
  • Read about Delaware's statewide training program in Delaware Delivers Big Training.

Houston Fire Chief Terry Garrison's new leadership column, Functional Boss Behaviors.
Free PowerPoint download on the pivotal first 5 minutes of any incident organization.

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Winter 2014, Volume 4, Issue 1

The Winter 2014 issue of B Shifter is here, readers! Grab The Mighty Bull by the horns and dig in for a divine bovine experience:

  • Chris Stewart explains the two main reasons leaders fail and explains how to avoid these common pitfalls.
  • Rich Marinucci describes the suburban Detroit areas Regional Alliance for Firefighter Training—a smart partnership that allows smaller departments to make the most of training resources.
  • Tim Dietz, a retired firefighter with 25 years of experience who now works as a licensed professional counselor, shares ways departments can create a culture that supportsemotional wellness and prevents firefighter suicide.
  • Vincent Dunn offers tips on identifying dangerous bowstring timber truss roofs.

Plus! Check out The Drilldwon for a FREE IAP training module, including downloadable PowerPoint presentation. Thank you,

B Shifters. We hope you enjoy this issue!

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Autumn Issue, Volume 3, Issue 2

Embrace enlightenment, B Shifters! The Autumn 2013 issue of B Shifter is here. Allow our eight-armed goddess to awaken in you untapped command insights and keen safety intuition. Be one with the goddess and enjoy her divine offerings:

  • Vincent Dunn and Robert T. Mahoney discuss life-and-death decision-making.
  • David Piper with the Orland Fire Protection District describes how his department built a far-reaching command-training program, complete with Command Training Center.
  • Forest Reeder explains a slightly different and really nice way to improve performance.
  • Mike Worrell describes the proposed NFPA 1802 Standard on Two-Way Portable Radios.


  • free tactical worksheet training program, including a downloadable PowerPoint presentation.

Namaste, B Shifters!

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Spring 2013, Volume 3, Issue 1

Check out the spring issue of B Shifter: A whole lotta bark with just the right bite. This spring-fresh issue has a bountiful crop of stories you will not want to miss:

  • Amos Lonokailia-Hewett of the Maui County Fire Department describes what it’s like to work in one of the most beautiful & challenging environments in the U.S. (Try not to get jealous.)
  • Our resident company-officer guru, Chris Stewart, offers advice on staying safe when responding to violent incidents.
  • Considering the IAFF Fire Ground Survival Program? Pat Dale with the Olympia (Wash.) Fire Department explains how his department worked with its neighbor to finance the train-the-trainer course.
  • On-the-job injuries can drain department budgets. Connie Tillmans, an exercise physiologist and certified athletic trainer, explains a new screening test that can potentially predict & prevent injury.


  • Nick Brunacini
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Winter Issue, Volume 2, Issue 4

Just in time for the holidays and apocalyptic doom: B Shifter’s sweet winter Sugar Skull issue. This edition features an assorted mix of features you can’t miss!

  • The Brevard County (Fla.) Fire Department discusses how it manages a huge response area and its many unique challenges.
  • Building Construction Guru Vincent Dunn explains how to successfully control and command collapse or explosion situations.
  • Renowned Training Officer Forest Reeder discusses Personal Improvement Plans—a better way to manage on-the-job performance issues.
  • Plus: Interactive leadership columns, SOPs and zombie attacks!

The end (of the year) is upon us! Prepare for 2013 with this rapturous issue of B Shifter.

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Summer Issue, Volume 2, Issue 3

The elephant’s on parade! B Shifter’s summer circus edition features a plethora of articles you cannot miss. RIT takes center stage this quarter, with several authors questioning RIT’s effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Also in this issue: 

  • Leading smoke guru Dave Dodson shares his command tips for a safer, more strategic firefight.
  • The boys from UL and NIST are back with more live-fire testing. This time, they discuss the danger of basement fires.
  • Company officer point man Chris Stewart offers a top-notch primer on air management for all command levels.
  • Round 2 of our interactive leadership simulation addresses freelancing.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Read B Shifter’s summer edition now! 

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Spring Issue, Volume 2, Issue 2

B Shifter’s mighty octopus edition features more must-read content than you can shake a tentacle at. Don’t miss Dan Madrzkykowski’s article on heat-release rates and how they impact size-up and other hazard-zone operations. Read about the stellar Vandenberg Air Force Base Fire Department—a top-notch team of civilian and military firefighters with an explosive first-due area. Lacking leadership skills? Don’t just sit there. Do something (fun): Try Bruno’s new Personnel Problem simulation and take that first giant step toward being a better boss. Lots of downloads and interactive fun!

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Winter Issue, Volume 2, Issue 1

B Shifter’s winter issue features Joe Starnes discussing flashover causes and prevention. Some firefighting friends from Oz talk about the Australian fire service—complete with a lessons-learned tale of communications gone wrong. Bruno introduces two new reader-response columns, and Vincent Dunn discusses fire-supression techniques in single-family residences. Lots of free downloads! Check it out!

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Summer Issue, Volume 1, Issue 2

The Eagle issue features Vincent Dunn talking building construction, UL & the Chicago crew examine the fire performance characteristics of legacy versus lightweight construction methods, designing a command training program, preparing yourself for oral interviews and so much more.

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Spring Issue, Volume 1, Issue 1

Check it out—the revised and fully functioning version of B Shifter’s inaugural issue, now presented in an easy-to-use and pretty sweet PDF. (We apologize for how unmanageable this first issue was for some of you, but what do you expect from a 2-ton gorilla?) For full interactivity, we recommend those on pads use Good Reader or any other reliable PDF reader. Thanks for looking!

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