Bshifter Support

BlueCard Technical Requirements

v2.1 – January 2018

Browser Support

The following browsers and versions have been tested for compatibility:

Windows Windows Windows Windows Mac Mac Android
IE MS Edge Firefox Chrome Safari iOS Safari  Native Browser 
8.x+ (Flash) All (HTML5) 29.x- (Flash) All (HTML5) 7.x- (Flash) All (HTML5) Current (HTML5)
    30.x+ (HTML5)   8.x+ (HTML5)    

The browser you are using helps the system determine the use of the Flash based course player or the modern HTML5 course player. Adobe Flash will be reaching end-of-life in 2020, so we recommend for best experience to please use the HTML5 supported browsers.

Microsoft Surface tablets currently require use of desktop browser mode.

Display Size

Lesson content and interactivity has been designed for a landscape display at a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Note that settings on your computer for toolbars or zoom functions may reduce effective screen size.

Adobe Flash Plugin

Your browser may require Adobe Flash Player browser plug in to play video content (see table under "1.0 Browser Support").

The free Adobe Flash plug in can be downloaded from

Tests to diagnose Adobe Flash installation issues can be found at

Firewall Configuration

Your organization’s firewall or home firewall or ISP may have settings which throttle bandwidth or block certain IP addresses or media types.

In a firewall environment your IT administrator should make settings to allow:

  • MP3 file format (used for radio messages in training)
  • IP address of
  • Cloud based Content Delivery Network (CDN) as resolved locally from

Bandwidth Requirements

The training media is video rich. A broadband connection is required. Cellular or mobile connectivity may not offer continuous streaming necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions/ Troubleshooting

Unable to access training. Your browser may have one or more pop ub blockers which need to allow to open the training window. When launching the training carefully observer your screen for indications that the browser is alerting you to a suppressed pop up. This third party site may offer instructions for your specific browser - If issues persist contact bshifter support

A lesson frame will not mark complete. Sometimes an incomplete video or audio file is cached on your local computer. Should this occur please log out, clear your browser cache and re-log in. If issues persist contact bshifter support This third party site may offer instructions for your specific browser -